Came across “Austin Powers Goldmember” on TV, dubbed in Italian…

It’s all quite hilarious, but the best part is Fat Bastard, or ‘Ciccio Bastardo’: instead of a Scottish accent, he speaks in Neopolitan dialect – which always seems to be the go-to choice for the most colorful/eccentric/lovably ignorant characters.

Obama just arrived at Fiumicino…  

Can’t imagine the havoc there. On the agenda: dinner with Renzi, late night stroll in Piazza Navona, meeting with the Pope in the morning, and private tour of the Colosseum tomorrow afternoon… The man certainly knows how to see (and shut down) a city.

So, I go to pick up my turkey yesterday at the neighborhood macelleria:

Macellaio: That’ll be 60 euro.

Me: Seems like a lot – the guy I ordered from said it would be around 30…

Macellaio: 30 euro, for a 35-pound turkey??

Me: 35 pounds?? I asked for a 10 to 12-pound turkey!

Macellaio: Ooooh, wait a second – you ordered the female turkey… You must be the OTHER American!

Yay for being one of two in town… with a smaller oven, apparently. Happy Thanksgiving!